Application of fabric air duct in engineering
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Application of fabric air duct in engineering

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Fabric air duct system is a kind of flexible air distribution system woven by special fiber, is to replace the traditional air duct, air valve, diffuser, insulation materials, a kind of air supply end system. It is an end system of uniform linear air supply by the unique air outlet mode of fiber penetration and jet jet. Fabric air duct system consists of: fabric air duct and its components (straight pipe, entrance, end, tee, elbow, reducer, etc.), components (PAD type air valve, ACD type air valve, filter, static pressure box, etc.) and accessories (steel rope, lifting ring, flower basket bolt, ring, clip, rubber jacket, etc.).


The advantages of fabric air duct in engineering application

Compared with traditional metal duct, fabric air duct shows many advantages because of its material composition, processing and installation form and other characteristics:

1. Air supply from fabric air duct is more uniform and comfortable than that from traditional air duct

Fabric air  duct mainly by fiber penetration and nozzle jet unique wind model, through the wall of the fiber gap or more evenly distributed through the design of the drainage holes out of the wind, radial line type air supply, namely along the pipe axial fan air supply, constitute the three-dimensional surface air supply, and traditional duct still rely on point air supply, air supply area is small, wind speed and uneven, by contrast, fabric air duct air supply is more uniform and comfortable.

2. The appearance of fabric air duct is harmonious and beautiful

Fabric air duct can be customized according to the coordination needs of indoor environment, with a variety of colors, and a variety of choices in length range and layout structure to adapt to various new structural applications.

However, the traditional air duct is hoisted by multiple supports in installation, and the pipe joints are connected with flanges, which makes the traditional air duct system as a whole appear messy and tedious, and its appearance appears old due to fading color over time.

3. Energy saving and noise reduction in the use of fabric air duct

Fabric air duct system material soft, low wind speed during operation, will not produce and transfer resonance, reduce the use of noise; In addition, it uses synthetic fiber, the material is stable and easy to fold, can be reused. At the same time, the use of large space laminar air supply, so that the system is more energy saving. The traditional air supply system, especially the metal material system, does not absorb sound, and the air duct and the equipment will produce resonance in operation, and the general noise is large.

4. The cost of fabric air duct is cheaper than traditional metal duct.

In terms of materials, compared with steel plate, fabric duct is a more economical alternative to traditional metal duct. The fiber will not rot or rust due to the length of time used, and the material will not suffer from material loss when processed in the factory, which is cheaper in terms of material cost, installation and maintenance. When the air duct absorbs too much dust and the surface stains, the bag air duct is also very convenient for disassembly and assembly, which can facilitate pipeline cleaning to improve the clean quality of the air in the system. And most of the traditional metal is made on site, compared with the factory processing, time-consuming, and due to the heavy weight of metal materials and complex installation and operation procedures and other reasons, long installation time, more labor input, relatively high cost.

5. Short construction period of fabric air duct

Fabric air duct woven by special fiber, extremely light weight, about 1/40 of the traditional metal duct system, and its use of special supporting steel rope or slide rail suspension system, simple and fast, the installation time is often 1/10 of the traditional system or shorter, greatly shorten the engineering cycle.

From the above analysis, fabric air duct system than traditional metal duct system in the appreciation of the installation, use of comfort, economy and construction cost keenness on all has certain advantages, and as the world fiber technology and control technology constantly updated, more and more the fibre is made into the air distribution system with special performance, The application field of the fiber fabric air distribution system continues to expand, and now it has become a ventilation system mode that occupies a considerable share in the market, and its future application prospect and application field will be more extensive.