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Our History
JVTIADUCT originated in Europe - serving China. Since 2006, JVTIADUCT has been committed to the research and development of new materials and new technologies as the world's early research and development of air distribution technology. JVTIADUCT has introduced special fiber fabrics into the field of air distribution technology, and continues to broaden its application in industrial, commercial and public fields.
In 2011, JVTIADUCT China was established - Shanghai Jiutian Automation Equipment Co., LTD., set up fabric air duct engineering design center, fabric air duct production and processing center, China market marketing center.
JVTIADUCT is registered by the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office, in China with the method of processing, own brand promotion management, from raw material resource, cooperation with domestic authoritative hvac and textile institute of famous experts, to develop products suitable for domestic market fabric duct; The field of Chinese HVAC ventilation system is dedicated to provide you with high quality fabric duct and a full range of engineering solutions.

JVTIADUCT provide tailored solutions for each customer, widely used in food tobacco, machinery and electronics, light industry food, medicine logistics, shopping malls and supermarkets, sports center, exhibition hall,etc.

For the fabric air duct, we have also obtained the corresponding certificate, which is in line with the domestic and international market demand.

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