Application of fabric air duct in Quang Ninh production workshop
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Application of fabric air duct in Quang Ninh production workshop

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Vietnam Quang Ninh province port cargo throughput to maintain good growth momentum, year-to-date average growth rate of more than 10%. The achievement was made possible by Quang Ninh Province's efforts to increase investment in port infrastructure and improve service quality. Therefore, our client has put in a new production plant in Quang Ninh, mainly to handle and distribute goods in Quang Ninh port.

Due to the complex environment of Quang Ninh workshop, the temperature in the workshop in summer is much higher than the outdoor temperature, the air is cloudy and the smell is strong, which makes the leaders who wants to create a comfortable working environment for employees headache.

JvtiaDuct designers and air supply requirements based on the characteristics of project construction, using the patent design software to make a type selection design, air distribution simulation using CFD technology application space, develop a targeted scheme of air conditioning system, solve the problem of the workshop air distribution, to ensure the quality of the workshop environment, eliminates the quang ninh leadership of a piece of "heart".

Overview of the design scheme

1. Adopt JvtiaDuct general type JT series grey base fabric air duct, anti flame retardant B1 grade material, micro penetration material, prevent condensate.

2. Adopt circular fabric air duct, diameter ∅711mm and length 30m.

3. Adopt double row of wire rope suspension system. The hanging point is at the direction of 2 o 'clock and 10 o 'clock, and the height of the air duct bottom is about 4m. At the same time, the horizontal hanging point is set at the end of the fabric air duct, which is stretched and fixed to prevent the end of the fabric air duct from moving when the fan starts and stops.

4. The wind speed at the inlet of the fabric air duct is controlled at 8-10m/s.

5. The air supply mode of the fabric duct is double row of porous angle air supply, to ensure that the air flow is covered by surface type at multiple angles, and the direction of the air hole is 4:30 and 7:30, which can avoid the discomfort of the air blowing directly to the human body. The air speed is designed as 0.2m/s.

Scene picture of the fabric air duct

The above is the introduction of the application of JvtiaDuct fabric air duct in the production workshop of Quang Ninh, Vietnam. JvtiaDuct is the world's leading supplier of environmental industrial products and fabric ventilation system technology. It has accumulated experience in the design and implementation of various types of projects at home and abroad, and summed up a number of installation methods for different places, to ensure that we provide customers with industry-leading service and quality assurance.