Fabric air duct in automotive manufacturing workshop application advantages
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Fabric air duct in automotive manufacturing workshop application advantages

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Long ago, the car industry widely adopted streamlined production lines, with workers moving on the line and boosting productivity. But this brings unprecedented challenges to the workshop ventilation system. Due to the use of non-fixed stations, the traditional fixed air supply mode cannot be applied. Meanwhile, a large number of obstacles such as supports, steel beams, hangers and wagons make it impossible to arrange continuous air supply pipes along the station line. Direct air supply from high above the obstacle, the effect and accuracy are not guaranteed but also greatly increase the load. These problems largely hinder the use of air conditioning system in the automotive plant, but the emergence of fiber duct system, to the automotive industry has brought unprecedented good news. This kind of fiber fabric air duct air distribution system woven by special fiber, through the surface fiber penetration and continuous jet hole jet two unique air modes, to achieve the real sense of uniform air supply, the application of fabric air duct, just reflects the advantages of the application in the automotive workshop.

1.Advantages of uniform temperature distribution

Fabric duct is made of permanent flame-retardant fiber, which realizes the real uniform air supply through two unique air outlet modes: surface fiber penetration and continuous orifice jet. Continuous holes opened by laser on the surface can form a continuous linear air supply belt, which can effectively solve the need of station line air supply.

2.Mounting hanging advantage

Fabric duct weight is very light, its surface density is only 290 grams/square, equivalent to 1/40 of the metal duct. The bearing load on the structure is almost negligible, so it can be installed above the station line and under various obstacles. And the installation of simple tools, wire rope (or slide) fixed, air distributor directly hanging on the wire rope (or slide) can not only save labor and labor in the installation, but also greatly reduce the top bearing load and construction period.


3.Advantages of simple cleaning and maintenance

Fabric duct due to the structure characteristics, with the advantages of easy to clean, after using a period of time, fabric duct can be directly removed, in cleaning, industrial washing machines wash can be directly hung up after, convenient cleaning and low cost, fabric duct shrinkage is only 0.2%, according to the domestic industry standard cleaning, cleaning once every two years, Can be used for 100 years; Even if it is washed once a year, it is guaranteed to last for 50 years.

4.Comfortable and peaceful atmosphere

Fabric duct itself is a flexible fabric, not only eliminate the sound in the duct, but also absorb noise from other sources, reduce the boredom of workers at work. Creating a comfortable and quiet atmosphere is a valuable advantage of fiber fabric duct.

Today, large automobile manufacturers have used fiber duct in their factories. We believe that with the continuous wide application of fiber duct, the automotive industry will adopt fiber duct to replace the traditional duct system. As a result of these changes, the automobile industry will again improve its production efficiency.