Fabric Air duct has become a new hot spot in HVAC development
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Fabric Air duct has become a new hot spot in HVAC development

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Now the society more and more population, the environment pressure is bigger and bigger, and hvac refrigeration industry which is closely linked people's life and people walk closer, it also has attracted more and more people to the hvac refrigeration effect and impact on health and more attention, the hvac refrigeration end fabric air duct is a new technology, new ventilation It can help the industry quickly and efficiently solve all kinds of problems facing such predicament.

Fabric air duct is becoming a new trend in the field of heating and refrigeration with its energy-saving, environmental protection and economic and efficient characteristics. Under the background of national energy conservation and emission reduction strategy, this technology is expected to be popularized and applied more and more widely in the future.

Fabric air duct is a special fiber woven, instead of the traditional duct, air valve, diffuser, insulation materials, a kind of air delivery end system. The uniform air supply mainly depends on the unique air outlet mode of fiber penetration and jet jet.

It is by calculating the permeability of fiber materials and accurately design holes to match the air conditioning system to carry out the air system products, it has a lot of traditional duct products do not have the advantages, such as rapid installation, energy saving and environmental protection, anti-condensation, fire prevention and many other advantages.

At present, the world is facing energy crisis and environmental pollution tends to be serious, in view of the fabric air duct system has significant environmental and economic comprehensive benefits, this technology can lay the foundation for rapid development. But we still need to continue to develop and improve, in order to more efficiently solve the ventilation problems of various industrial sites.